Infrared Sensor Faucet Adaptor



Save up to 70% of your water consumption with this ingenious automatic, touch-free Auto Spout. Easy to install, it simply attaches on to your existing tap. The infrared sensors mean that there is no need to turn taps on and off; when you want to wash your hands just move them under the Auto Spout and this will activate the water-flow, making it not only convenient but also a hygienic alternative to a conventional tap. Comes with full instructions. It requires 4 x AAA batteries which are not included. This is suitable for most modern taps but will not work with pullout faucets, showerheads, or taps that have a square outlet.

Water Consumption:
Economical--cuts your water consumption up to 70%
Water flows out only when your hand approaches it and stops immediately once you draw them back, saving water dramatically
Hands-Free -- no need to touch the faucet to turn the water on

Hygienic Features:
Avoids the transfer of bacteria and viruses
Prevents cross-contamination among children through the touching of tap handles
Biometric Test conducted up to 500,000 times

Shell: ABS/Chrome Plated
Valve Parts: POM, Silicone Rubber, Stainless Steel
Plastic Steel Accessories: NBR Rubber + Plastic Steel Thread Adapter

Adapter: Compliant with US Specifications
Easy to Install & Use
Appropriate for bathroom, kitchen, school, hospital, etc.

Power: DC, 6V (4 x AAA Alkaline Batteries)
Consumption: < 0.0006W
Water Pressure: 10 ~ 125 PSI (0.7 - 8.78 Kg/cm2)
Working Temp.: 5 ~ 65 Deg. Celsius (41 - 149 Deg. Fahrenheit)
Recycle Service Life: Over 4,000 Times/ Month
Automatically Detect Sensor Range: 5 ~ 25cm
Self-Locking mechanism after 1 Min of Water Flow
Inside Thread: 15"/16"-27 + Outside Thread: 55"/64"-27 - USA Standard Thread
Inside Thread: 22mm*1.0 + Outside Thread: 24mm*1.0 - European Standard Thread

Safety/Quality Certifications:
CE Certificate & RoHS
Japan Nontoxic Approval
FDA Approved
ACS in France

Batteries Not Included
Does not work with taps that have a square outlet, pullout faucets, or shower heads

Installation Video

Patented No.

Parts Break-Down

Saving water resource & saving money & protecting children from cross-infection or contagion via the viruses, such as H1N1, SARS, Avian influenza Virus/Bird flu, Enterovirus etc. when washing their hands at the public places.

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